Wishlist April 2016: I have spring fever!

Wishlisht April 2016

Wishlist April 2016: I have spring fever!

Spring is the time that we want to tidy and clean up and we long for change, adventure, renewal. We have the urge to outside more often and we embrace the longer, lighter days. But I also have the feeling of restlessness and excitement. Yes, I have spring fever. And I long for changes. I am literally burning inside to change. I want to change my whole life. To be more precisely: everything that is going on in my life and everything that is going on around it. Yes, my spring fever is that bad. Especially when it comes to my appartement. I do not only want to change the interior, I also want to move to another place. Now, we all know that is not going to happen any time soon. I also think I should stay a bit in control. But to bring some relief and sooth my mind I thought it would be a good idea to collect my favourite homeware and furniture together for my wishlist of April. So I did. And no, it didn’t bring me any relief. I really, really want to change my interior so badly.

What is on your wishlist this month?

Bumble Stripe Knitted Throw | £70 Oliver Bonas | Scented Candles | €40 Kate Spade |
Blue Studio Mix Match Shelving Unit | £240 Oliver Bonas | Flatweave Dhurrie Blue Rug | €210 Safavieh Crosble | 1958 Two Seater Sofa | £895 Oliver Bonas | Scented Candles | €40 Kate Spade | Tulip White Glass Square | €360 NDI| Pearl Place Platinum Rose Bowl | €68 Kate Spade | Mint Table Lamp with Marble Base | £58 Oliver Bonas | Prism Cushion | £29 Oliver Bonas | Mati Stripe Pom Pom Cushion |£26 Oliver Bonas

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