What’s In My Bag #2016

Bottle of Water
Bottle of water
I always, always carry a bottle of water with me. Not only do I think that it is important to drink enough water during the day, I’m also allergic to most of the bottled water in Turkey. I make sure to bring a bottle with me where ever I go so I won’t end up feeling incredibly thirsty or drinking unhealthy drinks.

Because the last thing I want to worry about is an unpleasant smell coming from my armpits. I always carry deodorant in one form or another with me, especially during warmer months. 8×4 Soft Kiss Deodorant Spray is the one I use ate the moment.

Calvin Klein Downtown Parfum
I can’t live without perfume in my purse. Downtown from Calvin Klein is clean, fresh, crisp floral and perfect for spring and summer. It’s really my to-go perfume of the moment. If you like light flower en fruit fragrances then definitely give this one a whiff while browsing in the perfume section.

Huawei Mobile Phone
What can I say about my phone.. I just need it.

Whenever I feel like a really bad headache is coming up, I use apranax. It is the only medicine for me that really works and helps to reduce the pain, so I usually carry it with me at all time. Just in case I need it..

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
Marc By Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
I’m growing a garden of sunglasses. Sunglasses are just really important for me and I wear them all year `round because if I don`t wear them and the light is too bright, I end up with a horrendous headache. I mostly wear my classic, black Vogue or this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs. This actually might be my favorite one. I spotted them when we where in Italy, but I found them too expensive so I didn’t end up buying. My dad ordered them when we where back in the Netherlands and gave it to me as a birthday present. He wasn’t ably to pay for them because the shopkeeper couldn’t figure out his right bank number, so a few month later I headed to Italy to pay -of course not with my own money- for them myself.

Money and Cards
Money & Cards
As you can see I don`t have a real wallet and I carry my money and cards with me in this little pocket. This is actually not without a reason. I`m a very organised person, but when it comes to my wallet and make-up bags I`m the most messy person you can find on this planet. When I would actually have a wallet, I tend to put everything you can imagine in it so my bag won`t become messy. But for some reason I won`t tidy it up and as a result I will have
an overstuffed wallet with receipts from years ago, hairbands and pins, all kind of cards from the Netherlands, all kind of cards from Turkey, make-up samples, business cards, flyers, Turkish Liras, Euros and the lists goes on and on. You won`t believe how much stuff you can actually fit into a wallet, haha.

Red Lipstick Kiko
We all know how much I love a red lip. One very budget proof and long lasting lipstick is this one from Kiko. I own this lipstick for years now (I have no idea how long you can actually keep using it until it really expires) and it`s still one of my favourites. It’s super soft, matt and the colour is just gorgeous.

Hairbands and Clips
Hairbands and Clips
Just in case I`ll need them. And because they somehow always end up in my bag and are just there.

I must admit that I tend to forget my keys quite a lot. It used the be the most frustrating thing about me for my dad when I still lived with my parents, but now it’s Nevzat who is fighting with me about this minor flaw all the time. I’m not sure know how I manage to forget them always and forever, it’s just part of who I am -or that is at least what I like to believe-, and there is no need to be frustrated about it. After all I am the one who’s waiting for hours in front of the door once I locked myself out.

I don`t have much to say about my earplugs. I find them very useful and can’t imagine a day passing by without my favourite music.

Acure Argan Oil
Acure Argan Oil
I really like this Argan oil. I use it daily, mainly for my face, but also for my skin and hair. It repairs and reduces the appearance of imperfections and hydrates dry hair and skin. This argan oil works so well and the bottle is small enough to easily carry with you wherever you go.

Not pictured
Breadcrumbs, coupons, receipts, the rest of my hairbands and clips, wet wipes, more breadcrumbs, candy wraps and for obvious reasons my camera.

This are the essentials that I almost always have with me. I don`t like to wear to much stuff around which I don`t need or use and reorganise my bag every night. Though I must admit that there are some days where my bag looks like a version of a Mary Poppins Bag with half of my belongings in it, haha. Let me know what`s in your bag.

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