Wishlist March 2016: The craziness of spring

Wishlist March 2016

Wishlist March 2016: The craziness of spring

In three weeks it`s finally spring and let me assure you that I`m really exited for it. I think that spring might be my favourite season of all and although I did not experienced a real winter this year, -I mean, I did not see snow once and it has not been that cold in the Netherlands- I really can not wait for the sun to come out officially. When we arrived in Istanbul the winter season was already over and besides a few cold and rainy days we mostly had sunny days in February so don`t blame me for being in such a sunny mood. I don`t have too many items on my wishlist this month tough. I feel it is a bit too cold to jump into the craziness of spring already as we are still wearing a lot of layers. I am a sucker for sweaters and I really, really like the ones from KENZO. I think this is the perfect time of the year to wear sweaters actually because they are quite cosy and warm and you don`t need to wear a jacket if you go outside. This ‘Cactus’ sweater is my favourite of the moment, but unfortunately also way out of my budget, so well.. KENZO sweaters will probably be on my wishlist for another few years, haha. I want colours and flowers and sunglasses and go out to have a lovely picknick in the park with salades and lemonade. Jup, I really can`t wait! I think sunglasses are very important by the way. Well, at least for me. I suffer from terrible headache if I don`t wear sunglasses when the light is too bright so I prefer good sunglasses at all time. I do have quite a few nice ones in my collection, but sunglasses for me are the same as shoes and you can never have enough of them either, right? I am not sure if blue will look good on me, but I think it`s a really pretty colour. This is the Marc Jacobs MJ 605 by the way. Those Nikes have actually been on my wishlist for quite a long time no, I absolutely adore them. They are from the ‘Ultra City’ collection from last year if I`m not mistaken. And last but not least on my wishlist is the Naked3 palette. I think it is quite obviously why anyone would like to have this palette. I mean look at those colours, they are just perfect! I have nothing to say about it. I want it. Now.

What is on your wishlist this month?

Sweaters | €250 KENZO | Sunglasses | €230 Marc Jacobs | Shoes | €160 NIKE | Eyeshadow Pallete | €48 Urban Decay

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